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Here is where you will find shared tips, tricks & best practices for kdb+ and q.
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Berlin Meetup
Q3 Kx Meetup
13 Sep 2016
New York City Meetup
Research in q/kdb+
22 Sep 2016
Munich Meetup
Q3 Kx Meetup
29 Sep 2016


Here is where you will find shared tips, tricks & best practices for kdb+ and q. Subscribe here for the Kx Community newsletter.


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Another test framework for q/kdb+

Report Patryk Bukowinski has an interesting Github repo, "yet Another Test Framework for q/kdb+," or yATF.q. Read more

Kx in Bioscience

rocket blast Exciting Kx news from academia! The Earlham Institute will be using Kx to create predictive models for studying crop growth patterns and agricultural tactics. Read more

Raw Unapologetic Firepower with Kx

rocket blast Joe Landman of Scalable Informatics, a hardware vendor that sells Big Data analytics appliances was inspired by our blog post last week to blog about Kx based on his first-hand experience. Worth reading. Read more

Kx queries 15TB of data on the fly

Fintan Quill Video Kx engineer Fintan Quill gave a great talk and demo at the Seattle Scalability Meetup last year that is worth a look. Read more

Kx GitHub index updated for ease of use

graphs Engage with the Kx Community by contributing to existing projects on GitHub and by sharing your own code. Read more

Small core code and HP-APL

graphsA recounting of an early project by Kx technology inventor Arthur Whitney highlights some principles Arthur has continued to apply in the design of his subsequent computer languages. Read more

Developing Kx web-based applications

graphsDeveloper Andrey Kozyrev recently released new code on his Github that is interesting for q developers writing web-based applications. Read more

Demo of Query Routing in Kx for a scalable, load balanced system

Query Routing DemoEngineer Kevin Holsgrove has made a demo to accompany his paper, Query Routing in Kx for a scalable, load balanced system. Read more

Data Analysis with Vector Functional Programming

Tim ThorntonTim Thornton gave an excellent talk at YOW! Lambda Jam 2016 in April called Data Analysis with Vector Functional Programming. Read more

Kx releases 3.4 Raspberry Pi build with libraries

Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi hobbyists will be happy to know that the latest Kx release has a Linux ARM build that can run on the Raspberry Pi. Read more

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